Golf Travel Bags



The type of golf equipment you use has a huge impact on how successful of a player you are. Because of this we spend lots of money buying the absolute best golf equipment we can possibly afford. Under most circumstances, our golf clubs travel no further than the local golf course, so they don’t need much damage protection.

It’s a different story when we take our clubs on vacation. For those of us who love to play frequently on courses around the world, we know that taking flights can risk the safety of your clubs. If you’re taking a flight and we need to check our clubs with suitcases and entrust them to an airline, we need to have the absolute best protection for golf clubs. In this situation buying yourself the best golf travel case you can afford is a wise investment. But how do you know which golf travel case to buy?

The main decision you have to make is whether to buy the hard or soft case. The hard cases are much more expensive than the soft bags, but without a doubt, they are by far the better option. The downside of this is that they are much more extensive than the soft bags. The cheapest price you will ever find on a hard case will almost certainly be more than a soft travel bag.

Have you taken the time to look at the lock on your travel bag? As we have said golf clubs are very expensive and some of these locks will open very easily. Always opt for a bag that is equipped to take an extra padlock, and spend some extra money on a decent lock to keep everything as safe as possible.

As we all know, golf clubs come in many sizes and shapes. So it’s very important make sure the clubs will fit into the travel bag. It sounds obvious, but you would not believe the amount of people who exchanged golf travel bags for this reason. Another key part of a travel bag is its versatility. One important thing to look for is that your case has wheels, as the cases can are very heavy to carry for a long period of time. Other than wheels, multiple handles are very helpful, and they should be very robust. These have been known to frequently break.

When choosing material for your golf travel bag, look for something that is light weight, but durable enough to withstand the most careless baggage handler.